The Art and Making of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is the most visually ground breaking film of the year.  The artists and technicians on this project were specifically tasked with pushing the boundaries and setting new bars for what’s possible in animated features, and their work deserves to be celebrated. I was an Animator on this film, and with a platform like this at my fingertips, I felt obligated to reach out to all the artists, gather as much material as I could find, and share it with you here.

This post will be updated as more artists share their work online. For now, there’s a wealth of incredible work to appease your appetite below. I’ve provided links to each artist through all their chosen social media platforms so you that can stay up to date with them as they continue to post more of their work.

This post is no substitute for the official publications. There is a ton of art that’s exclusive to the books.  Check out Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse – The Art of the Movie by Titan Books. There’s also a very nice Limited Edition available through Titan Books website.

I’ve included a list of interviews and social media at the bottom of the page. If you can’t get enough Spider-Verse and want more insight into the making of the film, that’s where you’ll find it. You could also start there, and get a nice behind the scenes perspective before you jump into all the art.


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Visual Development

Alberto Mielgo

Website | Instagram | Vimeo | IMDb

Patrick O’Keefe

Twitter | Art Station | IMDb

Dave Bleich

 Website | Twitter | Tumblr | IMDb

Robh Ruppel

Website | Twitter | Art Station | Instagram | IMDb

Drew Hartel

Website | IMDb

Peter Chan

Website | Instagram | IMDb

Vaughan Ling

Art Station | Instagram | Gumroad | IMDb

Yun Ling

Art Station | Instagram | IMDb

Wardenlight Studio (Jessica Rossier and Bastien Grivet)

Website | Instagram (Jessica) | Instagram (Bastian) | Twitter (Jessica) | Twitter (Bastian)

Yashar Kassai

Website | Art Station | Instagram | IMDb

Wendell Dalit

Website | Instagram | IMDb

Yuhki Demers

Website | Art Station | Instagram | Twitter | IMDb

Zac Retz

Art Station | Instagram | Twitter | Gumroad | IMDb

Ernie Rinard

Instagram | IMDb

Tony Ianiro

Website | IMDb

Character Design

Shiyoon Kim

Website | Instagram | Twitter | Gumroad | IMDb

Jesús Alonso Iglesias

Instagram |Twitter | IMDb