St. Trinian’s Animation Test

Just saw this on Facebook and had to post it immediately. Uli Meyer recently did this fantastic St. Trinian’s animation test in Ronald Searle’s beautiful drawing style.

On September 22nd, I presented a 25sec animation test featuring a St. Trinian’s schoolgirl to the creator of those classic British characters, Ronald Searle himself. Searle has had a few bad experiences when it comes to animation -his drawing style is extremely difficult to adapt and apart from a few short pieces of animation done by Ivor Woods in the 70s, he hasn’t been impressed by any attempts. Nevertheless, I thought I’d give this a go and am delirious to report that he loved it! He even commented that it was the best he’d seen since Ivor: a truly wonderful compliment.

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for the rest of the entry. Also, check out Uli Meyer’s post on his blog.

Here it is in color: