Watch Glen Keane’s Latest Short, ‘Dear Basketball’

Directed by acclaimed Disney animator, Glen Keane, and scored by Oscar Award-winning composer, John Williams, this animated short is nothing short of spectacular. With his legend-making, 20-year NBA career complete, Kobe Bryant launches his next chapter with an animated short that embodies his incomparable retirement announcement poem. The hand-drawn animated film, Dear Basketball, speaks directly to the game of basketball, and conveys Kobe’s gratitude, love, and passion for the sport before leaving it behind.

Glen Keane Live Animates The Little Mermaid’s Ariel

Glen Keane appeared on James Corden’s The Late Late Show to promote Dear Basketball with Kobe Bryant. It’s always magical to watch Glen draw, but he’s taken the entertainment factor up a few notches in this clip by drawing Ariel using Tilt Brush technology while the iconic song, Part of Your World, plays in the background. It’s so wonderful to see Glen hitting these heights. We wish Dear Basketball success this Oscar season. Continue reading Glen Keane Live Animates The Little Mermaid’s Ariel

Lux: Binding Light

A young Demacian mage has a secret she must hide – not just from her family, but the entire kingdom. Animation by Glen Keane

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Episode 1: Glen Keane on Nephtali

It’s been just under a year since On Animation last spoke with Glen Keane. At the time he was promoting his first short film, Duet. This year he’s back with another hand drawn short, Nephtali, a blend of hand drawn animation and live-action footage. Nephtali was created for the Paris Opera to coincide with the launch of their new digital stage, 3rd Stage.

Glen was personally invited to join a distinguished list of artists and filmmakers to help launch the 3rd Stage by Benjamin Millepied, the new Director of Dance for the Paris Opera. Benjamin and Glen first met while they were both working on projects at Google last year. I was fortunate enough to steal some of Glen’s time and gain more insight into the production of the short.
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Making Duet : A Conversation with Glen & Max Keane

By now I’m sure you’ve all seen Duet, Glen Keane’s latest edition to an ever growing body of inspiring work in animation. If you haven’t, treat yourself now. If you have a Moto X phone, watch it on device. At CTN Expo, Glen opened the show by talking about the production of Duet and some of the discoveries, challenges, and joys of directing his first short film. I was invited to sit down with Glen and talk about the film. Continue reading Making Duet : A Conversation with Glen & Max Keane