“Love Me, Fear Me” by Veronica Solomon

What would you be willing to do for them to love you?

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‘Facing It’ by Sam Gainsborough

Shaun always feels separate and isolated from the confident, happy world around him. Whilst waiting for his parents in a busy pub, Shaun struggles valiantly to join in with the admirably happy people in the crowd, but the more he tries, the more he goes awry. As everything in the pub goes from bad to worse, Shaun finds himself confronted by the painful memories that made him who he is. His feelings, memories, and desires overwhelm him and by the end of the evening, he is ready to explode… Continue reading ‘Facing It’ by Sam Gainsborough

‘Allergy Pills’ by Daniel Damm

A collaboration by Daniel Damm and Fernando Peque as they set out to find new ways to make hand drawn animation look more like a painting or illustration. Continue reading ‘Allergy Pills’ by Daniel Damm