“Love Me, Fear Me” by Veronica Solomon

What would you be willing to do for them to love you?

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A beautifully animated student film by Sheridan graduate, Patt Jewanarom. Student films are often unfinished, but in this case I think it makes for a more enjoyable short, at least for animators. 🙂 Continue reading Korobushka

Kali Mata

Bengal, 19th century. At the edges of the Kali temple, the British India’s army led by the implacable W.H.Sleeman is about to wash against the last representants of the ancient stranglers assassin’s brotherhood, the Thugs. Continue reading Kali Mata

‘Little Bandits’ by Alex Avagimian

A kid is convinced that shooting a bird will turn him into a “Man”. A third year student film by Alex Avagimian.

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Julien Grande’s Film About Family Will Leave You Hungry For More

Shades of Studio Ghibli in this student film directed by Julien Grande.

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Alex, a young woman, is increasingly getting tired of adult life. Her daily routine is restricted by norms and expectations of the modern world, and social media have replaced human interaction. One day, she sees Bacchus, a charismatic sensual figure, who lures her into a colorful world, which is a complete opposite of her reality. In this mysterious place, you are free to follow your instincts and explore your deepest desires.

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Quand J’ai RemplacĂ© Camille

Laure must replace a deceased swimmer in the relay swim team. The qualifiers are near and the team worries about their chances at winning. The grief and stress pushes Laure to obsess over the one she replaces.

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Louis, a retired man, resists his overprotective daughter, Nina, to keep his independence.

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